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I think it all started for me back in high school. It was senior year and I wanted to do a light and fun class so I signed up for the yearbook and it changed my perspective on what photography is. Just being able to capture moments of time and having the whole school enjoy them has brought me a sign of satisfaction and pleasure to do more of photography.


After high school, I decided to invest in a camera on my own and ever since then, I have been taking photos. Now, after 10 years of taking pictures as a hobbyist, I'm taking a leap and showing my work and offering my service to the public.


I enjoy taking pictures of people, nature, and landscape in any possible format. I shoot both digital and analog film which is a bit rare these days. Capturing moments of time for others to enjoy or being able to tell a story is what I strive for. Even though I'm relatively young comparing to others (I'm 28 currently), I do hope to continue to shoot photos and continue to evolve in my skills and thought process as the years go by.


Thank you for visiting and getting to know a bit about me! If you are interested in prints or want to do some portrait shots, please feel free to contact me below for more information. Thanks!


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